Notice Board
November, 2010
Mankind must find sustainable routes around challenges he so is causing and face, else is to become absorbed by challenges he is continually causing though unconsciously.

September, 2013
"Innovation Management" and "Knowledge Governance" is the sustainable community led transformation approach towards strengthening "People centered process".
Not every [Possibility for desire] is for [WELLBEING]; but also for facilitating Self Auto Destruction (SAD). Be conscious of Outcomes.


Strengthening Human endeavours to thrive, through holistic Knowledge Governance.

Across all generations and civilizations, the Knowledge by which remedial measures to increasing Global challenges and existential risk is caused, has remained constrained to knowledge of the physical Viewpoint or Perspectives of reality (Arts & Sciences); beyond which the ongoing ignorance and Unconsciousness of Symbiotic coexistence frameworks (Cravayance) abounds. All Global economies are still failing to cope with the worsening unemployment and employability crisis no matter rural or urban settings; Mankind is still perplexed with the "Curse of managing plenty", the solutions are limited to logical reasoning yet thinking is based on comparison. Mankind is suffering from the "Weight of responsibility", the "Ignorance of Identity", the "Loss of Innocence",
"Inherited [Nature of desire]" - both the Ignorance of [Knowledge of Input / Causes] & [Knowledge of Processes].

The Mankind of species is not neccessarily suffering from physical ailments and scarcity of physical resources, but "Increasing [Unmet desires]", "Ignorance of Identity" and "Ignorance of Knowlegde". [Man] is burdened by Own [Capability for desire] leading into the ongoing and emerging Metaphysical Dis-Eases - Psychosomatic disorder, Schizophrenia, Autisms, increased Stress levels and Pressure from Malevolent [Capability for desire].

To solve the global challenges, knowledge of the fundamental cause of the physical reality is crutial. The [Nature of desire] is the foundational cause of the [Nature of being]. The symbiotic coexistence of the [Nature of desire] and the [Nature of being] is the [Nature of reality].

Mankind has only developed capability for Physical Cognition and Perception of danger (Calamities) because sensory capability is limited to Somatosensory capability; this is not the only sensory possibility of reality.
The Metacognitive sensory capability [INPUT] facilitates what the Somatosensory capability [OUTCOMES] can perceive from the [Nature of reality]..

This sounds hilarious, "The ongoing Global challenges and existential risks is Mankind greatest creation and achievment within the physicality". The Global challenges are not predominantly a threat to Mankind; but are teaching aids for strengthening Mankind's experience and Intelligence among all humanoids. The present global challenges are just a reflection of the [Nature of desire] over the years. To holistically alleviate the global challenges, simply change the [Nature of desire].

Mankind is the only species depending on the [Knowledge of OUTCOMES] because sensory possibility is limited to Somatosensory capability. If it was not so, the [Nature of desire : Mankind] has great propensity and capability for Self Auto Destruction (SAD). The [Nature of desire : Mankind] is greatly Significantly motivated by [Greed] and [Fantasy], but not conscious causation of desired Physical Outcomes. Thus mankind is the only species legislating policy (Mutual agreement) is not desirous to discipline self and uphold.

There is fear in the air of the End of Time. NO, There is never the "END OF TIME" but "FULLNESS OF TIME". The assumed end of Time; is the end of knowledge of [Possibility of existence], but not TIME. When the species dies; Time continues it's guardianship role of causing emerging possibility of "Time and space Continuum" .

Are there many things Mankind does not know? [YES]. There is immense vastness of wonders and awe of high opulence Mankind knows not; because his knowledge is perceived basing on sensory processing capability of [OUTCOMES] but neither [Knowledge of INPUT] nor [Knowledge of Processes].

The Mankind; is eternally bewildered by the [Conundrums of OUTCOMES], as his own [Capability of desire] or the [Nature of desire] is continuously causing more emerging Corruption of ecosystem and physical Mayhem.

No matter the possibility of resolving [OUTCOMES], no matter any funding in academic research of empirical [OUTCOMES]; when emerging [Possibility of OUTCOMES] is not resolved at [INPUT] level, the [OUTCOMES] exacerbates. It is amateurish, but the ongoing phase of civilization.