Notice Board

December, 2010
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep. The ongoing pestilences and Conundrums if are not good simply change the [Capability for desire].

April, 2010
Being a genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple. Build the emerging [Systems of WELLBEING] based on Freewill giving without hesitation to the good above self.

March, 2014
Design is when the possibility of Sciences (Creativity) and Arts (Expression) break even. Study the Arts of Sciences and the [Science of Art]; none is greater but symbiotically complement each other.

Finally; engage into sustainable [Possibility of existence].


Centre for development of advanced computing for community transformation.

Mankind has been developing tools since the stone age era. Machine Design is everything and everywhere. It is innovative, creative, communicative & constructive. Design is a complex activity and has both a [PROCESS] and an [OUTCOME]. The Capability process of turning ideas into tangible physical components; is limited to the Nature of desire. Every [Capability of desire] has both Physical and Metaphysical (Spiritual) Outcomes; Cause desired [OUTCOMES] conscious of the [Knowledge of INPUT].

The component or object designer must have the mind of the product desired to be made physical before the embarking on the entire process. Component designing is a mind function, where a complete product is envisioned and efforts to have it appear as a tangible activity initiates. The approach to tool and component designing is more than crafting and metal fabrication but the relationship between the component and its functionality in the physical reality. Sustainably and ecosystemically mind the burn rate of resource; Your habitat is not limited to provide for the needs of all species nomatter the population but the [Nature of desire].

At MICROCODE research entity, the management of transitions in knowledge is critical as well as the final product. Mankind is to learn embrace the processes of his existence and coexistence well as the final outcomes or desired physical experiences within the physicality.

Value is created by the perception of the beholder. Whatever is in abundance looses value yet when the supply is surpassed by demand, value increases and the reverse is true. Component designing as a mind function establishes deemed value of the component to be produced and its relevance to existing mechanisms.

Finally, build Systems, Tools and processes which is inclusive of all species. Mankind is the "Dependant Species" among all, create dominion by the [Nature of Love]; all [Possibility of existence] continuously desire to engage into coexistence with Mankind, but the ongoing [Nature of desire : Mankind] has so negligible to be appreciated.