Notice Board
October, 2014
Listening to both sides of a story will convince you that there is more to a story than both sides.

August, 2014
When we are blind to systemic causes of problems, all the solutions we try will likely make matters worse.


Centre for development of advanced computing for community transformation.

Microcode is a knowledge governance organization providing leadership in strengthening symbiotic coexistence by freewill - Cravayance. Using appropriate systems thinking approaches or establishment of a holistic approach, we conduct analysis that focuses on the way that system's constituent parts interrelate and how congruent sub systems work over time and within the context of larger systems.

Systems thinking provides eagles view of possibilities and relationships of organizational players over a period of time and the effects of their action to the environment. At Microcode, we take a deeper analysis into an expanded view to understand the set of relationships and interactions needed to create a complete self sustainaing solutions.

Present human thinking for generations has remained predominantly about critical thinking, analyzing ongoing trends, debating and ... with limited process improvement and creative thinking. Thinking is mainly about extremes of reality including, good/bad, Black/white, Ally/enemy, ... What if some one is not intrested to provide support because the intention is not good does such an incidence become an ally or enemy? Humanity need to embark on "Spectrum thinking". The brain can learn this proposed approach to thinking but its not yet conditioned to such capability. The human mind can phalanx and correlate in unison against any adversary, calamity or turbulence. Thus, Man is to learn cause solutions to his increasing complexity of challenges well conscious of the ecosystemic outcomes; else he is well aware that is also increasingly endangered.

Global warming, together with the scramble and partition for fresh water is a real calamity. Mankind must learn to connect dots that do not exist yet in the physical realms and establish resilience mechanisms to ensure human survival beyond physical limitations. Communities must be taught to establish community led interventions to ensure survival of social norms, inclusive cultural integration and community corrections.

The primary essence of aid is not intented for Strengthening [Wellbeing], but "Survival of the fittest".