Notice Board
October, 2014
How can the Mankind, oblivion of own Identity regain dominion over the species he so is a "Dependent Species"? Postulate the required [Nature of desire].

Every [Capability for desire] has both Physical and Metaphysical [OUTCOMES]. Be mindful of [OUTCOMES] they Influence and Impact [Experience of existence].

September, 2014
“The system is that there is no system. That doesn’t mean that there are no process. This is the essence of chaos mangement.


Centre for development of advanced computing for community transformation.

The product innovation management, product development lifecycle from concept to launching and preservation of copyrights are critical components of the product development process. This is only the physical product development.

The Microcode product development is abot transitioning in Civilizations well conscious of future generations. Many physical organizations are still trying to grow without a documented execution plan; without any way to assess the how, why, where, what and when, and to adjust when the unexpected comes along. We at Microcode we understand that solutions are found in product line roadmapping – a critical front-end process that has finally come of age. Man has to learn to preverve his heritage in line with the changing

Man is to learn grow in knowledge of his reality and identity then only he can be sure of the direction of growth for the future of humanity. Man is worthwhile despite the physical wealth amassed; the worth of Man does not depend on what he has accumulated but [who he is].

The processes of metaphysical product development is about creating knowledge so as to consciously enable creation of physical Outcomes for strengthening the dichotomous symbiotic coexistence by freewill - Cravayance .