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January, 2014
Defragmenting data silos is key for accelerating research.

May, 2012
In the digital age, knowledge is our lifeblood. And documents are the DNA of knowledge.


Centre for development of advanced computing for community transformation.

Microcode approach to knowledge governance is founded on strengthening Cravayance. Reality is not constrained to physicalisms but also Meta-physicalisms. The knowledge and perspectives of reality by which Mankind perceive his reality is still constrained to knowledge of physicalisms (Arts & Sciences); this has constrained his capability of thinking to mere comparison. The present capability for thinking is based on comparing the present from previous similar events to infrom the next plan of action. Man cannot perceive that which has not manifested into physicalisms and thus he operates in Crisis mode.

The available knowledge of the physicality (Arts and Sceinces) has been caused through processes of scavenging and foraging for survival among the respective generations and civilizations. Thus, such knowledge is a blend of prejudice, hope, trials, errors and irregularities. Thinking has also led to the present linguistics and humanities, seeking to explain the very framework of physical governance, understand how people live with other species, but cannot design ecosystems how people need to symbiotically coexist with all other species in a self healing mechanisms. Language only preserves the past and physical measurables, whatever is not physical and of future occurrences has no words to explain such phenomenal ocurrences. The etymology of words is changing; thus the meaning and ability of words to cause action is changing.

Knowledge is a corporate asset which needs to be identified, guarded and shared. It is important for any growing organization to be a learning organization. Managing organization wealth of coorperate culture and institutional memory is critical for preserving organizational perfomance trends.

Within [Man] is a microcode and microcosm of the infinite Macrocosm.