Notice Board
October, 2014
Developing people, managing processes and systems for community empowerment, is a function for humanity with authority. The [Nature of desire] for humanity with authority is increasingly growing in malevolescence, thus the experiences of the physicality caused.

November (13), 2010
Community challenges if not attended to at local levels will gradually become global challenges.


Strengthening Human endeavours to thrive, through holistic Knowledge Governance.

The future of Mankind is not about anything based on physicalisms but the [Nature of desire]; for all generations and civilizations it has been the [Nature of desire] causing and influencing the practices - experiences of the physical reality. The future of Mankind is for growing as a "Humane Human Species" and reline with the Macrocosmic ecosystemic ecosystem in a symbiotic dichotmous coexistence manner by freewill - Cravayance.

Human experience of life is not about "Techonomy" (technology based economy) or any mechanical capability; but strengthening humane based relations, systems, approaches and assistive technologies to propel human existence and coexistence in a humane order. Global systems need to be redesigned and centred towards strengthening the [Wellbeing] of all species in a symbiotic order but not mechanical - Robotic emancipation and proliferation.

The present global development trend, context and strategy is not sustainable. The results thereof is the prevailing present Global challenges, now developing into other emerging global challenges. Delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential fulfilled; may never be achieved. No matter the degree of funding and military proliferation; delivering a poverty free world may be just a myth until the development path is streamlined to ensuring the [Wellbeing] of all species in a symbiotic order. Mankind must be nurtured to grow into a "Humane human species" among other humanoid species; else he is increasingly growing more hostilities, acrimony, dolorousness and self-destructive.

A decent youthful experience naturally prepares for a decent old age. The seeming present global challenges, is actually the greatest foundational human opportunity to generate employment oppotunities base. The present deemed good must be reorganized to establish sustainable approaches, for global holistic development.

The physical known Global challenges are evolving more "Emerging Global challenges". Over all generations and Civilizations, [Man - kind] has not yet been able to establish a holistic mechanisms of combating Global challenges including the present and emerging challenge; he is still combating the most risky challenges, as the non risky are increasingly expanding to attain the risky status and thus be considered for mitigation. When the Global challenges Conundrum shift focus into "Emerging Global Challenges" Mankind will increasingly be at a loss because his knowledge of the physicality is limited to physicality (Arts & Sciences). Mankind is more than a physical being but has remained constrained by physicalisms. Its important to explore understanding arising from the [Nature of desire] including the "Desire based sensory capability", the physical reality and the possibility caused by the [Nature of desire].

The capability for desire is the source of consummerisms, materialism, increased burn rate of resources, approapriate usage of resources and preservation of resources for future generation. There is no limited or abundance of resources, the resources available on any planet will always remains the same in quantity to balance ecosystems. The [Nature of desire] by the inhabitants surely determines the abundance or scarcity of such resources and thus influence the [Nature of being].