Notice Board

October, 2014
The creator gave the first human beings the task of naming all plants, animals and all that lives, but never gave them the dictionary. It was neccessary to rethink and focus on wisdom from the creator.

August, 2012
Everyone has the ability to think and generate ideas, the diffrence is what we think about and what we do to implement the ideas.



Strengthening Human endeavours to thrive, through holistic Knowledge Governance.

Mankind is bewildered and perplexed by the Physical & Metaphysical [OUTCOMES] of own [Capability for desire].

Do not blame the ongoing experience of Physical reality and the ongoing pandemic no matter the degree of impact; but the [Nature of desire] is still galvanizing more possibility as per self.

The [Knowledge of OUTCOMES] is logically and empirically not capable of resolving the [CAUSE / INPUT] of ongoing and emerging "Corruption of ecosystems". As ongoing calamities and Pandemoniums are resolved; the [Nature of desire] is continuously bulding up another Possibility indicative of self.

Earth is not limited to provide for the needs of all [Possibility of existence] (Mankind, Fauna, Flora, Aero, Aquatic and Voids) but the Ignorance of [Nature of desire]. The greatest portion of the [Capability for desire] is motivated by Greed and Fantasy; whose [OUTCOMES] the species or entity is not prepared to be answerable. Depopulation is neither a functional role of [Mankind] but the [Nature of nature]; the ongoing practice of depopulation is indicative of the Malevolent and Virulent [Nature of desires].

These among many physical experiences will surely increase global migrations in search of surface fresh water resources. Scuffles and wrangles for such land around water bodies will rise, acts of exchanging Sex for incomes will increase leading to increased spread of sexually transmitted diseases and epidemics, acts of terrorism will surely increase and finally religionisms based on material prosperity will rise promising to provide a lasting solution to the global challenges conundrums.

The global challenges are related in cause and effect. Understanding the fundamental Global & Society dynamics not limited to the processes of social, cultural, economic, political change and spiritualisms; is of essence to ensure the [Wellbeing] of all species in a symbiotic order by freewill - Cravayance.

Whatever the Mankind species becomes exposed to regularly or experiences regularly, the same he considers and refers to as [NORMAL]. All other species are cognizant of the [NORMAL IDENTITY] and easily resort to natural behaviours when conditions allow. Mankind simply seek for Mitigation and Adaptation possibility to settle within the available conditions. [Mankind] knows not his identity; he so settles for anything and thus consider the same as [NORMAL]. Mankind is failing to settle for anything less than everything.

To effectively solve such a complex labyrinth of the present and future global challenges, is only possible by studying the [Nature of Desire]. The [Nature of desire] determines the Use, Misuse and Reuse of global resources. The core of this phase of Civilization has placed [Man - kind] in the Centre; any solution will directly impact Mankind. Its just a Microcode.