Notice Board
October, 2012
Health Informatics provides a means of enabling cliicians access secondary opinion regarding a patient while decision makers empowered to make informed decision using reliable health information.

September, 2014
Both medical and health informatics are centered on having skilled people using technologies to deliver health care services to the last mile.


Centre for development of advanced computing for community transformation.

Health care providers and organizations have long wished to have access to the needed information about a patient for more effective diagnosis and treatment regardless of where the information was created or where it resides. The hope is that complete information about the patient from multiple sources would allow the health care practitioner to make the best decision possible.

The transition of national Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) from paper based into computerized databases is a core people -process - product life cycle. Providing access to timely and complete health information provides a basis for decision making, planning and management of healthcare service delivery. The development of a functional computing infrastructure for healthcare data transmission, having appropriate skilled human resources and a clear vision for growth; these are critical for health systems strengthening and documentation.

One of the most significant barriers to achieving universal access to disease treatment and prevention, is inadequate health systems limited in their capacity to provide quality care to the neediest populations. Globally,
the design of health systems frameworks is greatly fragmented, Monetarized rather than being "Mankind Centred".
Build and Strengthen [WELLBEING] social Infrastructure; a social fabric and healthcare system which is family centred is a gem of existence.

Microcode approaches the healthcare from the [Wellbeing] perspective. Healthcare has increasingly become commercialized rather than strengthening the [Wellbeing] of the communities, the health system serve. It is fundamental to relign "Healthcare governance" and "Governance for health" into strengthening [Wellbeing] rather than the ongoing "Disease centric" approach.

Sustainable healthcare is an ecosystem of reality; as is Education. Recede and desist from commercialization of social processes and "Experience of existence". Finally, all [PROCESSES] of existence; need to be family centred rather than economic aspirations of development.

The essence of existence is to gain [Experiences of WELLBEING] but never has been "Economic development"; desist from activity traps of your [Capability of desire]. [Economic development] is a [PROCESS] component but never the [Possibility of OUTCOMES], how ever good it is a process activity but not the [Essence of existence].

For all generations, Mankind shall never attain optimum [Economic development]. Explore other frontiers of development; desire to shift from [SURVIVAL] into [WELLBEING]; all activity is Vanity but experiences realized.