Notice Board
January, 2011
Sustainable development, must be spearheaded by and through the beneficiary else gains from such initiatives may cease with expirely of funding.

June, 2009
Community empowerment, planning and forecasting, begins and ends up with data from source being used at source.

The [Nature of desire] - INPUT, facilitating the [Nature of being] - OUTCOMES, is unconsciously continuously tending into Malevolescence and Virulence; thus the ongoing efficacy in Maleficence.


Strengthening Human endeavours to thrive, through holistic Knowledge Governance.

Through out all generations and civilizations, great men and nations have come and wane; all have been solving the most pressing, critical and risky individual and global challenges of the time. Despite the increase in knowledge of the physical reality (Arts and Sciences), the ongoing increase in [Capability for computing], the ongoing material prosperity, global thirst for economic development and Physical Infrastructure development; more ecosystemic conundrums (challenges) and existential risk are continuously emerging much faster than the available knowledge and capability of Mankind. As ongoing physical challenges are being resolved; emerging challenges and existential risk are presenting with much more increase in magnitude. Mankind has no capability for Cognition and Perception of emerging Calamity and Mayhem, until it manifest into physical reality.

  • Is it Astute for Mankind to continually depend on the knowledge of physical Outcomes of reality (Arts and Sciences) to solve the challenges [CAUSED] by own Malevolent and Virulent [Capability for desire]?
  • Does [Man] surely know or have knowledge of what causes the ongoing and emerging Calamities and Corruption of ecosystems? By the way, what is Mankind busy resolving?
  • What is the significance of the challenges? Can challenges be alleviated, Solved or resolved?
  • Does Mankind acknowledge presence of challenges? Does he so desire to solve the identified challenges or is simply adapting to the changing climate? Could it be that the known physical challenges are the same revenue generation opportunities? If so, then such challenges cannot be alleviated but simply change from being challenges into opportunities.

The considered prestigious employment opporunity; influence and dictate the education Currucullum. The ongoing rate of unemployment rates is increasingly leading to rural - urban migration in search of lucrative employment opportunities. The scarcity of physical resource and increasing global challenges is causing cross boarder migration; contributing to ongoing risky sexual behaviours and gross moral degeneration be considered as the social [NORMAL] as Mankind is seeking for options to survive against all odds. As long as Mankind is continuously feeling bewildered, perplexed, dolorousness, with feeling of uncertainty and not "Worth of existence" the prevailing [Unmet desire] will increase; thus the global peace, security and stability is never will be attained because the [Nature of desire] is increasingly growing Malevolescence and Violence.

The increasing [Un-met desire] is the cause of ongoing Stress factors (Schizophrenia), Non physical Dis-eases, ongoing Quick-fix remedial measures; Mankind is getting used to "Practices of survival" as the ethical [NORMAL]. The use of militaristic weaponry and warfare will never settle disputes, scuffles and wrangles because whenever the Mankind does not feel the "worth of existence" the energy of [Nothing - left - to - loose] is actuated.

By understanding community led ecosystems; appropriate informatics and technologies need to be integrated into practice. To reduce community burn rate and consumption of natural resources based on [Fantasy] and [Greed]. This is not only limited to charcoal for cooking, food security, increased acess to healthcare, increased access to physical infrastructure for moving produce from production to market and strengthening community livelihood.

These among many other ecosystemic breakdown of Systems; cannot be rectified when the [CAUSE / INPUT] of the increasing Individual, National and Global challenges (Risks) is neither Known nor resolved. The knowledge by which Mankind bases on to ensure Mitigation and Adaptation of increasing complexity of ongoing and emerging physical calamities is limited to knowledge of physicality (Arts & Science) - [OUTCOMES].

The Mankind of species is the only species depending on the [Knowledge of Outcomes] - Arts and Sciences; to resolve ongoing and emerging "Corruption of ecosystems" caused by own [Capability for desire]. Therefore, Mankind of species is busy resolving Symptoms of empirically physical Outcomes of own [Capability for desire] - [Nature of desire]; still this is notable phase of Civilization.

The knowledge of the [Nature of being] or physicality (Arts & Science) is limited to Empirical Physical Outcomes - (EPO) of the prevailing [Nature of desire] which is increasingly unconsciously growing in Malevolescence & Virulence. Thus to solve the Global challenges and Existential risks; grow in the [Knowledge of INPUT / CAUSES] - the cause of physicality.