Notice Board
October, 2003
Listening to both sides of a story will convince you that there is more to a story than both sides.

April, 2009
Neither every [GOOD] is Good nor every [BAD] is bad; but both is neccessary for learning the [Nature of reality]

October, 2005
Basing on "Systems theory"; When Mankind remains adamant and blind to Systemic causes of Challenges and Existential risks, all the solutions of [ARTS] and [SCIENCES] will likely make matters worse.


Centre for development of advanced computing for community transformation.

The Knowledge of [Arts] & [Sciences] is incapable of resolving the ongoing and emerging Individual, National, Global challenges and existential risks; but is the ongoing basis for reasoning despite the insufficiency. Either way this is a notable phase of Civilization

The knowledge of Arts & sciences cannot solve the ongoing and emerging global challenges and existential risks.

All Systems have a triune of components [INPUT], [PROCESSES] and [OUTCOMES].
Every System component is a [Body of Knowledge] for Cognition of reality and decision-making.

  • The knowledge of [Arts] and [Sciences] is limited to Cognition, Perception and Comprehension of empirical and Logical Outcomes. The Physical perspective or Viewpoint of reality is not the only [Possibility of reality].
  • [Arts] and [Sciences] is knowledge of [empirical Outcomes]; but neither [Knowledge of Causes / Input] nor [Knowledge of Processes] within the Universal System.
  • The Knowledge of [Arts] and [Sciences] is based on Somatosensory capability (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell and Taste) thus limited to physically verifiable empirical evidence purposed to Cognition of Outcomes of reality.
  • Basing on the [Knowledge of Outcomes] or the Physical empirical Outcomes to solve the ongoing Individual, National, Global challenges and emerging existential risks which are also Outcomes of Mankind malevolent [Capability for desire] is amateurish indeed; but a notable phase of growth in Civilization.
  • Whatsoever is the [Outcomes] and whatsoever is considered as [GOOD / BAD] is limited to the [Capability for desire] of the causing entity. Nothing Manifests into any [Possibility of reality] by Coincidence; yet neither nothing is Predetermined nor Predestined; but indicative of the Knowledge of the [Nature of desire] as influenced by the ongoing [Capability for desire].
  • What is GOOD? Whatever is considered as [GOOD], is measured in reference to the [Capability for desire]. The ongoing and emerging [OUTCOMES] manifesting into reality is [GOOD]; because it is the desired [OUTCOMES] of the beholder or [CAUSING / INPUT] entity.
  • Whatever is considered as [GOOD] with Life or [Good Life]; is limited to the [Capability for desire] of either the causing entity or the Viewpoint of the beholders entity.

The knowledge of Arts and Sciences, however good it may be, is limited to cognition, perception and comprehension of OUTCOMES or what has been caused. But the [Nature of Desire] causing every [Possibility of OUTCOMES] is unconsciously increasingly growing into Malevolescence and Virulence thus the ongoing and emerging efficacy in Maleficence.

Do not blame the ongoing [experience of Physicality] but the [Nature of desire]. Every [Possibility for desire] has both Physical and metaphysical Outcomes. Be mindful of whatever is being caused unconsciously, it impacts and influence the [experience of existence].

Sustainable development is widely recognized as an existential challenge. To address the Sustainable Development concerns, Mankind needs to loosen grip of the [Knowledge of OUTCOMES] and explore other perspectives (Viewpoints of realty). The Physical Mankind faces a plethora of existential challenges; among them, resource depletion, ecosystem service deterioration, pollution, biodiversity loss, Population dynamics and climate change concerns. To avoid putting academic freedom at risk, it is of utmost significance to explore the [Knowledge of causes / Input] to present a clear understanding of the ongoing [OUTCOMES]; then engage with all stakeholders (Species), policy makers and the public to consciously design emerging [OUTCOMES].